The Rising Tide of Climate-Based Projects

sox worry


We’re not telling you to worry.  We’re telling you that people are worried.  People with money.  People who launch and sponsor projects.  They’re worried to the tune of nearly half-a-trillion US dollars.  Where is this worrying taking place?

Deep in the heart of Boston.  Thus, the image of the very worried young Red Sox fan in this post.

On the same day that John Henry, one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox, buys the Boston Globe, the front page story covering that news item is dominated by another, larger-headlined front page story by Casey Ross, entitled: A Rising Tide of Concern.


The article discusses reaction to climate change by real-estate owners and developers based on real and predicted sea-level and extreme weather changes.

You don’t have to believe ANYTHING about climate change – whether or not its real, who causes it, what the science behind it is or isn’t… all one has to do is look at the article and the amount of money at least imagined to be at risk, and the projects that this concern is launching, to realize that as a project manager, it’d be smart to be smarter about the subject in general.  That’s the point of EarthPM and the point of  our book as well as new chapters in books like the one just participated in, Sustainability Integration for Effective Project Management, and an upcoming chapter on sustainability in the AMA Project Management Handbook.

Being SMARTER (actually one of the concepts from the book Green Project Management) is the right thing to do.

Start by reading the article and you let us know if you do NOT see the intersection of climate change and project management – of sustainability and PM.


A one-two punch

greenboxingWell, we’ve been saying it for months.

And now the Project Management Institute’s  PM Network magazine features it in their January 2010 issue.

Let’s set the stage:

      • The global  market for environmental products and services will reach US$27.4 trillion (yes that is Trillion, with a T) by 2020 (that’s only 10 years from now, folks).
      • Global companies plan to invest US$500 billion in low carbon projects.
      • 29% of over 1,000 IT decision makers surveyed in September 2009 listed energy-efficient and green IT is their top technical priority in 2010.

And all of that adds up to lots of projects and lots of jobs.  In fact, see the nearly simultaneous posting below, regarding the announcement by US President Obama.

That’s the green wave we’ve been talking about.  And that’s why, wherever you stand on the environmental issues, you need to pay attention to this stuff – it’s going to eventually have an effect on your career path.  So stick with us as we guide you through this intersection of Green and PM.

We suggest you read the article.  If you’re a PMI Member, you can get the article online or via your subscription to PM Network.  If not, we’ll be seeking permission to provide it right here on EarthPM soon.  We’re also seeking interviews with the people featured in the article to get even more insight on this topic, and of course our upcoming book will go very much into detail on the opportunities for project managers as this wave arrives and continues.

In the meantime, as another person with a one-two punch used to say, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.