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Forest for the trees

  The following quote comes from a popular business magazine (to be revealed later in this post): “as customers and other stakeholders increasingly express interest in sustainably produced products, …organizations are paying more attention to the big picture” Yes. That’s the point of our whole book – Driving Project, Program, and Portfolio Success. Ha!  Indeed, […]

Is that a sustain on your shirt?

…or… a sustain? An organization called The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (membership list below) has just released something called the Higg Index. First, let’s tell you more about their goals (from their website): The focus of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is to create and implement an index to measure the environmental and social performance of apparel […]

Toilet Seat Up, Toilet Seat Down

One of our project management author colleagues – one Kimberly Wiefling – she of Scrappy Project Management and other great Scrappy books, recently posted on Facebook on the subject of men leaving the toilet seat up, and how that might disqualify them from ‘running the world’. We refuse to get into THAT specific argument with […]

Sustainagility and Greenality: together at last

After reading the front page, top story of today’s Boston Globe, we’re glad we recently finished reading this book. The Globe story indicates that yes, some of the findings of scientists regarding climate change were wrong.  However, they were not wrong the way some climate change cynics have asserted.  Unfortunately the scientists were wrong in […]

What does hope look like? Greg Balestrero, CEO of PMI on your role in a sustainable future.

For those of you who are project managers, HAPPY IPM DAY! It’s actually a little late to wish that to you – IPM (International Project Management) Day was actually yesterday, so accept our apologies for being late!  But we are on scope and on budget… IPM day is meant to be celebrated (see http://internationalpmday.org) with […]