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Real Success. Do your projects have it?

  Click on the image above, or here – to go to a 15-ish minute video that (we humbly assert) says what needs to be said about the intersection of Project Management and Sustainability.  

Workin’ on a Chain Gang

“In all projects, a number of decisions are made.  Many think of decision making as the core activities of a project manager; thus, competence in decision making and tools to aid the decision-making process are of crucial importance for project success”. This is the opening paragraph of the first article (“Project Decision Chain“) in the […]

The sweet smell of success… in a gymnasium?

  OK, we admit it.  One normally would not associate the … well, let’s call it the aroma of a gymnasium to be the first thing to come to mind when you think of the sweet smell of success. But a gymnasium can be – and it should be – a way to make you […]