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What is a Lighthouse?

This blog post has everything. It is, quite literally, a cliff-hanger. It has the salty smell of the sea.  Crashing waves.   Churning, swirling sea foam.  Poets. Rolling lighthouses. Millions of dollars. Controversy. Collaboration. History. Did we mention rolling lighthouses? Climate change. Project management. Sustainability. Interested? Read on. People often get poetic about lighthouses. Henry Wadwsorth […]

Innovation through Dialogue (and koffie)

We like that theme.  We like it a lot. And that is the theme of the 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam.  From their home page: ‘The 28th edition of the IPMA World Congress will be held from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands under the main theme: “Innovation […]

An ocean full of project inspiration

“Despite the challenges our ocean faces, I believe it’s time to recapture the sense of wonder  and inspiration my grandfather and father felt when they gazed on its surface. In fact, the ocean can and should be a source of hope and solutions for a brighter future.” -Philippe Cousteau   These are words that do […]

Sea what we mean?

New England – the home of EarthPM –  has 473 miles of coastline.  It has fabled ship-building, fishing, and whaling port cities which flourished based on the bounty of the sea.  Many of these communities are struggling based on the decline of their industries. Now,  a recent article in The Boston Globe says that these […]