Harvesting Project Value – Parts 1 and 2 (of 2)


This is a two-part post from my blog on ProjectManagement.com (People, Planet, Profits, and Projects) that builds on some recent PM thought leadership by Dr. Harold Kerzner.

Part 1:


Part 1 gives the background of the topic of Benefits Realization Management and the solid connection between that and the element of triple-bottom-line, long-term thinking.  It;s the setup for Part 2 – Project Value Assessment.

Part 2:


In Part 2, I extend this concept as Dr. Kerzner did in his presentation (regarding Project Management 3.0) to the idea of ‘project value’, presenting some specific thinking in the area of decision making and scoring of projects based not only on their immediate deliverables but how they deliver value on a sustained basis, and will consider “harvesting” of project value.