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Natural Capital – An Answer

Some of the push back we’ve received is that unless you can assure economic benefits from instituting sustainable practices, it will be a hard sell.  Project managers, already managing scarce resources, may be put in the untenable position of using those scarce resources for issues that may not appear to be directly related to the […]

Cheeseborger, chips, Petsy, Petsy, Petsy…

I miss John Belushi and his talent, and he would probably get a kick out of Pepsi’s new project.  To encourage recycling, Pepsi in cooperation with Waste Management, named one of Forbes “Top 20 Most Responsible Companies”, has launched a facebook application to introduce new “recycling kiosks and bins at popular public venues across the […]

Garbage Powered Garbage Truck (GPGT)

In our book, we use the example of an earthworm as almost perfect sustainability.  GIGO, only in the earthworms case, the garbage that goes in as it eats its way through the earth, comes out the other end as better “earth” than what went in.  That is sort of the way GPGT works.  A garbage […]

Our Earth-Our Future-Our Chance to Make a Difference

From The Weekly Sentinel, I found seventh and eighth graders from the Noble Middle School in North Berwick, Maine, are recycling school cafeteria wastes.  As a result of a year-long project, the school’s “Green Team” is both reducing the amount of waste that goes to area landfills (saving money), and providing rich earth for their […]


The message has been clear, powerful, and repeated. The facts are indisputable. The logic is impeccable. We cannot keep taking resources from the planet – resources that took hundreds of millions of years to produce, use them for a few minutes, and discard them haphazardly. Most people “get” that. And so, you would think that […]