é “æ‚Ÿ!

In the US, we often have pointed to Ray Anderson’s inspiring journey from industrialist to industrial champion for sustainability.

China Daily has a similar story (see “Corporate Chief Goes Green“) about Jim Zhang, a former business head from Ericsson who is now the leader of the North Asian region of The Nature Conservancy.  While Anderson stayed on (until his recent death) as CEO of Interface/FLOR, Zhang left Ericsson to take on the Nature Conservancy post.

In the case of Ray Anderson, it was a book (Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce).
In the case of Jim Zhang, it was a project to help save the Tibetan antelope from extinction.

If nothing else, this gives us a chance to to feature the wonderful video clip of Ray Anderson which we sometimes use in our talks.  Watch it, maybe you can have an é “æ‚Ÿ (epiphany) also!

Ray Anderson helps us connect business and sustainability

Here is Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface Carpet, who we feature in our book, discussing The Natural Step (also featured in our book).

Please note that Ray Anderson is not the President of Greenpeace.  He is not a young activist for the Sierra Club.  Rather, he is founder and chairman of Interface Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet for commercial and residential applications and a leading producer of commercial broadloom and commercial fabrics.

We focus on project management on this blog, but every so often it is necessary to re-connect the idea that business leaders – you know, the people who initiate projects – yes, those people, are “getting” the idea that sustainability is important from a profit perspective as well as a planet and people perspective.  It’s up to us as project managers to “get” this from a project perspective.

Enjoy the interviews below.

First, a TED conference address:

And here, Ray talks about The Natural Step