Go with the flow


Once in a while we will take the opportunity to send you to a meaningful and/or content-rich website or blog with intriguing resources for project managers.

Such is the case with the blog Green Flow.

The blog is part of Common Current, and is authored by Warren Karlenzig.

Karlenzig, Common Current founder and president, has worked with the federal government; the nation of South Korea (“New Cities Green Metrics”); The European Union (“Green and Connected Cities Initiative”); the State of California (“Comprehensive Recycling Communities” and “Sustainable Community Plans”); major cities; and the world’s largest corporations developing policy, strategy, financing and critical operational capacities for 20 years.

Since the focus of the blog is new trends and economic news related to sustainability, project managers can go here to help predict where the ‘action’ will be in terms of new programs and projects.  You can see this in the most recent posting about the US Green Economy.

Visit Green Flow – and keep current.