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Real Success. Do your projects have it?

  Click on the image above, or here – to go to a 15-ish minute video that (we humbly assert) says what needs to be said about the intersection of Project Management and Sustainability.  


I am about to offend you. Do you have all of the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom you need to make your project decisions? Are you missing something? In a way, I’m asking what could be interpreted as a very offensive question: “are you ignorant”? But I’m using ignorance in its truest sense – lacking […]

What is Project Management’s biggest challenge?

The 200th PM Podcast features video interviews with 20 PM Thought Leaders And we’re one of them.         Have a look at the press release below, and visit the segment in which we’re interviewed here. Cornelius Fichtner, principal of the hugely successful podcast, asked us to contribute by answering his question: “What’s […]

Sustainability Thinking Improves Project Management

“Sustainability Thinking Improves Project Management” – you’d think that would be something we’d say. But besides being something we would say, it also is the name of a presentation given at the Queensland Chapter of the Project Management Institute a little less than a year ago.  We just found it today (okay, so we’re a […]