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Real Success. Do your projects have it?

  Click on the image above, or here – to go to a 15-ish minute video that (we humbly assert) says what needs to be said about the intersection of Project Management and Sustainability.  

Portfolio Risk (and Vulnerability) Management

Introduction As a project manager you are (or you had better be) very aware of project risk.  And you are aware (or you had better be aware) that risk comes to us as positive risk (opportunity) or negative risk (threat). This posting is about something ever-so-slightly different. First of all, it’s not really threat we’ll […]

A one-two punch

Well, we’ve been saying it for months. And now the Project Management Institute’s  PM Network magazine features it in their January 2010 issue. Let’s set the stage: The global  market for environmental products and services will reach US$27.4 trillion (yes that is Trillion, with a T) by 2020 (that’s only 10 years from now, folks). […]

Challenge video – “One Degree Matters”

One Degree Matters follows social and business leaders as they travel to Greenland and experience for themselves the dramatic effects of the melting of the ice cap and come to understand the planetary effects of climate change and the impacts these will have on society and the economy. The film brings to the screen the […]