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Innovation, Government, Sustainability, and Project Management

We recently had a unique opportunity to see the United States’ former CTO (Chief Technical Officer), Aneesh Chopra, discuss his book, “Innovative State” (see image – click on it to go to Chopra’s dedicated site). We also got to briefly discuss our book, Green Project Management with him. Turns out, Mr. Chopra’s dad is a […]

State of the Project Management Union

We’re not yet sophisticated enough to know our readers’ demographics, such as your age.  We do know that EarthPM is enjoying immense popularity, and that the visits are coming from all over the world and from diverse sources.  But we don’t know our visitors that well, other than you’re interested in project management, sustainability, and […]

Will “Bloom Boxes” Bloom next to Michelle Obama’s Organic Garden?

UPDATED 25-Feb-2010 – NEW links added below, including Bloom Energy’s press release If you haven’t seen the US-based 60-Minutes show (CBS), you really should have a look at this clip.  More later, and in fact, you probably won’t be able to avoid the news this week as Bloom Energy goes public with a big splash […]