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Free Webinar – by us – “PM and Sustainability – better together”

    We were recent guests of The Sustainability Learning Centre – a partner of the prestigious Network for Business Sustainability. We gave a 45-minute presentation and took some questions.  And they captured the whole thing on WebEx, for you to view for absolutely free – here. Click here to watch and listen to EarthPM […]

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Sustainability In Your Projects

In this post, we’re going to summarize – and point you to – an excellent resource from an outstanding source of all kinds of excellent resources, called the Network for Business Sustainability. The resource of the subject line is actually designed for folks who “are asked to lead …company’s sustainability efforts”. But as project managers, […]

Banking on it

Since this post is titled “Banking on it”, we thought we’d start by telling you where we found a treasure trove of great sustainability knowledge for project managers – and others. That treasure trove was found at the Network for Business Sustainability. There we’ve found a wealth of resources, amongst which was this very short […]