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Invested in Sustainability as a PM? You should be!

Many executives embrace the conventional wisdom that mainstream investors care little about an organization’s performance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Few companies make it a priority to communicate their sustainability performance to investors, or even develop a robust story about their sustainability performance. Why should they? Investors won’t shift their investments, the thinking […]

Bull’s Eye

We’ve always stressed the connection between project management and sustainability.  It’s our intersection…our “Bull’s Eye”. And what recently caught our eye was the next in a series of great reports from MIT Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Their latest effort is called The Innovation Bottom Line, and we’d like to present one small […]

“The organism is an organism”.

                  “The organism is an organism.”   The title of this blog post is a quote from David Berry.  It comes from a truly fascinating article from Boston Magazine, linked here. The quote is  not from  Dave Barry, the columnist from The Miami Herald, and author of […]

A carbon bathtub?

Here’s an interesting and educational simulation to learn how the reduction of carbon really affects climate change. The sim was created by a multi-organization collaboration (see below the line to understand the depth of that collaboration) and is copyrighted by Schlumberger Ltd. In and of itself, the simulation is a project.  From our perspective, though, […]

Planning for the End of Oil

Here’s a short, uplifting, interesting (well, to some of us, anyway) talk regarding how innovation may just be able to help us out of our energy problems. It’s delivered by geophysicist Dr. Richard Sears. It smacks of innovation, of science, and of the need for change, led by – you guessed it – project managers. […]