EarthPM Salutes ECOCAR2…and ECOCAR3!


We don’t want to bore you with a long post, but we do want to share with you something to which we contribute and are proud to be associated with.

It’s called EcoCAR2, and we’ve been happily collaborating with the planners of this 3-year event which has just culminated with a “Year 3 Competition” in which 15 universities from all over North America competed in a contest to convert a 2013 Chevy Malibu into a hybrid vehicle – improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions while keeping the car “showroom ready” and comfortable.  General Motors – a key sponsor – wouldn’t want it any other way.

In some cases, the student teams beat the stock vehicle’s specifications.  Quite impressive.

Recognizing that this was a project in all senses of the word, and a sustainability-oriented one at that, Argonne National Labs, a part of the US Department of Energy, called on EarthPM to train the hundreds of students (focusing on the business managers and project managers in the teams, of course) in project management fundamentals and in sustainability thinking applied to PM – and also to do some customized training in presentation skills.

It really warms our hearts to see the outcome of the event (The Ohio State University was the ultimate winner) but the attached video – in which we can see the students using some of the presentation skills – is something we just felt would be great to share.

You can see a full list of the universities and their awards here.  Perhaps your alma mater is amongst the top performers?

Whatever little bit we helped, we’re glad not only to have been associated with ECOCAR2 but even more proud to continue with the next edition – ECOCAR3, which will use a Chevy Camaro as the stock vehicle.

Enjoy the video!

Shutdowns and Stories – Politicians and Puppets


This post is a bit eclectic.  But it all comes together, trust us.

Here are four seemingly unrelated, apparently ‘random’ subjects which we intend to tie up in a neat little package:

  • The United States Government’s shutdown
  • A new app for the iPhone
  • A fantastic experience at a Project Management Workshop
  • Hybrid cars and college students

Right.  Yeah, sure.  Nobody could pull that all together.  Well, WE can.  EarthPM can do that for you.  Just wait and see.  We’re that good.

First of all, let’s start with the US Government.  Part of the US Government is the Department of Energy and its Argonne National Labs.  We’re proud to be working with Argonne on ECOCAR2.  We sure hope that the Government shutdown does not end the efforts of Argonne.  ECOCAR is an amazing collaboration as you will see from our puppet below.

Wait.  Puppet?  Did he say puppet?  What’s that about?  Well, that brings us to the second bullet, a new app for the iPhone.  Check out this link (click here to learn about Shadow Puppet).  This clever application helps anyone quickly and easily narrate a photo-laden story to convey an idea or perhaps a project lesson with amazing ease and an without anyone else needing the app to play the story you just wrote.  Stories are very important to project managers.  Which brings us to the next piece of our eclectic package.

We just finished a tremendous workshop at ECOCAR2’s “Fall Workshop” in which we were asked to help the students and advisors in this 15-university program with transitions between project managers.  Project managers who are college students, competing to create a new hybrid vehicle from a General Motors-donated 2013 Chevy Malibu.  Stories featured heavily in our training – the concept that stories help promote data into information  into knowledge and finally into wisdom.  This concept (called the DIKW Pyramid) is even featured in the 5th Edition PMBOK(R) Guide.  So our training for ECOCAR2 seemed to take.  And during that training, we learned about this brand new app – Shadow Puppet.  So we’ll be sharing this with our ECOCAR2 students.

And what is ECOCAR? Well the best way to do that is to watch our newly-created puppet!

You can do that by clicking on the image below!

Clicking on this picture will take you to a “shadow puppet” describing EarthPM’s experience at ECOCAR2’s Fall Workshop, September 2013.






You can find out much more about ECOCAR here and here.

And you can find out how EarthPM can help you by contacting us at