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Is every day earth day?

We were just wondering – if today is Earth day, what are the other 364 days? We don’t make a huge deal of the day for that reason – even though we put the planet’s name in our company identity. Today, we actually just want to bring up the 3-year-old Macondo Well, a.k.a. Gulf oil […]

Lessons Learned to Lessons Burned

It’s now just two years since the Deepwater Horizon incident.  Many people seem to forget it.  After all, we see the smiling faces of the folks from the tourist industry in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana on those TV commercials, so it really wasn’t a problem, after all, right? Not really, as you can read […]


A blog post we created ended up as an article in PMSA’s  (Project Management South Africa) monthly magazine.  The posting was about BP, and their preparation for, and reaction to, the environmental project risk as a result of the so-called “Deepwater Horizon” well incident, which now seems like ancient history.  In fact, already we encounter […]