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Can we make a difference? The stats and experts say, “….yes, and we need to”.

The latest issue (web and paper) of PM Network magazine has some interesting data and interviews which were not aimed at the intersection between sustainability and PM, but which, nevertheless, made strong points – very, very strong points – for our argument that this intersection of sustainability and PM is key. We’ll use three snippets […]

President Clinton, Project Manager?

You may have often heard said that the Project Manager is like the CEO of their project. You may also have heard that a President is like the CEO of the country. So, it doesn’t take too much linking logic to combine those assertions to come up with the ‘conclusion’ that President Bill Clinton is […]

Shrink to fit

We’re big fans of Project Shrink – Bas de Baar’s nifty and creative blog which focuses on some of the so-called soft-skills required by project managers.  Bas comes to the table (or the couch?) with great credentials. He is author of the book “Surprise! Now You’re a Software Project Manager” and is a member of […]

At the crossroads

Here at EarthPM we talk about the intersection of green and project management – in fact, it’s our tagline. So what do we mean by that? What do we mean when we say that conserving resources is already in the “DNA” of project managers? Well, if you really want to find out we’d have to […]