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Hypoxia Revisited

We blogged about hypoxia (this seems surreal) more than three years ago, at which time we referred to our book, Green Project Management, as “our upcoming book”.  A lot happens in three years.  The book is out, has been recognized with PMI’s highest award for literature, and has been used in University courses on sustainability. […]


Have you ever heard of “hypoxia”?  Perhaps you’ve heard of the more informal moniker: Dead Zones. Should you be interested?  Perhaps only if you eat.  Have a look at this quote: “More than 212,000 metric tons [235,000 tons] of food is lost to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico,” says marine biologist Robert Diaz of […]

Just a spoonful of … engineered silica…

Most of us will be familiar with the line from Mary Poppins that begins the same way as this posting.   And if not, there are some Project Management lessons available from the very simple message from Mary.  You can get THAT spoonful of sugar right here. But we’re not talking sugar.  And it’s not a […]