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You may be too foxy!

Although the title of this post might make you think this is some strange cross between Star Wars and the video game series by Sega, instead it’s a different sort of combination, mainly coming from a great NPR podcast called “Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vedantam and a book called Expert Political Judgement by Philip Tetlock. […]


Working with stakeholders of various backgrounds… with varying degrees of buy-in –and bones to pick with you as well as each other… getting them all to focus on a common goal. Sound like project management? Sure does. That’s why this article posted just a few days ago caught my attention. That stakeholder theme drew me […]

A good start to a greener year

We ended last year (on precisely December 31) with – of course – a piece on New Year’s resolutions.  And we themed it with the idea of “definition“, as in working on your definition of project success; injecting it with sustainability thinking. And we begin this year with definition as well – this time a […]