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Working with stakeholders of various backgrounds… with varying degrees of buy-in –and bones to pick with you as well as each other… getting them all to focus on a common goal. Sound like project management? Sure does. That’s why this article posted just a few days ago caught my attention. That stakeholder theme drew me […]

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas…

As a kid, I used to listen to Tom Glazer’s Space Songs, and particularly a song called “Why Does the Sun Shine?”.  This song (click on the video below to ‘see’ the song and its lyrics) talks about the sun’s power.  So I’ve long been fascinated by solar energy. Mostly, we’ve been using the sun’s […]

Thank you, Africa!

We’re very pleased with the way in which African organizations have accepted the ideas of Sustainability and Project Management.  Very pleased. We wonder why Africa “gets it” so well and the other continents lag so much further behind.  Any ideas or thoughts? We’ve been invited to, and accepted, the opportunity to address the Project Management […]

You are a business end

One of the things that we assert is that as a Project Manager, you are the “business end” of business ends. Let that soak for a minute.  Roll it around up there in your head. If this will help you, here is the definition of the first use of the term business end, as an […]

Some green gold for the holiday season

Various cultures celebrate this season differently, but in just about all of them, gold is considered valuable. The book Green to Gold was one of our original inspirations when we started Earth PM, and wrote our book.  So we, of course, follow Andrew Winston’s excellent blog.  And he just put up a real nice posting.  […]