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A ‘golden era’ of home-building?

Continuing our theme of pessimistic optimism (or is it the other way around?) we look at a syndicated column from Mary Umberger of Tribune Newspapers, titled, “Utility bills?  That’s so passe“. In the article, we discover the work of David Goswick, head of a company (HOUZE) that guarantees the buyers of its new homes that […]

Salt of the earth…

Several of our last posts have focused on the economic and social responsibility legs of the triple bottom line.  With this post we return to the environmental leg, with a “green by definition” project which was just turned over for operation in sunny Spain. “Green by definition” is one end of the Green Rainbow we […]

Some green gold for the holiday season

Various cultures celebrate this season differently, but in just about all of them, gold is considered valuable. The book Green to Gold was one of our original inspirations when we started Earth PM, and wrote our book.  So we, of course, follow Andrew Winston’s excellent blog.  And he just put up a real nice posting.  […]

Strange Environmental Bedfellow’s Defeat Prop 23 (Update)

This is a follow up to an earlier post. The California vote “signifies the largest public referendum on clean energy legislation. Tom Steyer, co-chairman of the NO on 23 campaign, stated “In the midst of a major economic downturn, and with a barrage of fear mongering and scare tactics, voters still said they want a […]

President Clinton, Project Manager?

You may have often heard said that the Project Manager is like the CEO of their project. You may also have heard that a President is like the CEO of the country. So, it doesn’t take too much linking logic to combine those assertions to come up with the ‘conclusion’ that President Bill Clinton is […]