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Forest for the trees

  The following quote comes from a popular business magazine (to be revealed later in this post): “as customers and other stakeholders increasingly express interest in sustainably produced products, …organizations are paying more attention to the big picture” Yes. That’s the point of our whole book – Driving Project, Program, and Portfolio Success. Ha!  Indeed, […]


Working with stakeholders of various backgrounds… with varying degrees of buy-in –and bones to pick with you as well as each other… getting them all to focus on a common goal. Sound like project management? Sure does. That’s why this article posted just a few days ago caught my attention. That stakeholder theme drew me […]

The PM Journal, PM Success, and Sustainability

Project Management Institute’s PM Journal(R), Volume 45, Number 1 contains some very good papers, and we’d like to focus on one in particular. “Project Success and Executive Sponsor Behaviors: Empirical Life Cycle Stage Investigations” is the name of the paper and it is written by three professors from Xavier University, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. […]

The Sky is Falling – May be time to heed the warnings

We’ve tend to stay neutral when it comes to the global climate change debate, although we have tried to arm you with the information we believed you, as project managers, need to make sure you can take advantage of any projects that may arise as a result of any mitigation strategies.  Today, we heard about a […]

Yosemite 121 Years Old

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that there is more to life than just work, work, work.  In 1890, Yosemite National Park was created.  It’s not that a beautiful place did not exist prior to 1890, it did as shown in the 1878 watercolor of the Digger Indians by Constance Frederica Gordon-Cumming en, Indian Life […]