Udder Fashion Sustainability

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The story is about – if you haven’t guessed it yet, a German designer/scientist named Anke Domaske who has created a line of women’s clothing (and is working on a men’s line as well) which is made from fabric which is in turn made from milk.

The process invented by Domaske makes use of casein from sour organic milk that doesn’t meet German standards for sale to humans, heat it, mix it with things as beeswax and then spin the material into threads. The process eliminates the chemicals that have been used to turn milk byproducts into textiles.

The process was developed along with the Fiber Institute at the University of Bremen.


And this is not a single instance of sustainable design ideas.  In this story, you can read about others also making fabric from casein – one being Milkofil(R) which claims: “Fiber that is made from casein, which is the main protein in milk, has long-term emissions of negative ions. It is thus beneficial for air quality, it stimulates blood circulation, is a natural antibacterial agent, and is sterile. Thanks to natural lubricants in the protein, you can toss the skin cream. It actually keeps your skin soft and moisturized. Plus, super soft and anti-bacterial fibers stabilize body temperature.”

Interested in the milk-as-silk idea?  Read more about that here and here.

Another example of how sustainability is indeed a driver of innovation.  

And strangely, it has left  your bloggers intensely craving a chocolate chip cookie