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The power of a sustainable touch

In our first book, Green Project Management, we wrote about GreenTouch – a consortium of telecom service providers and equipment vendors, developers, programmers – many of whom directly compete with one another for business – working together on a focused goal to reduce the energy consumption of ‘the network’.  That is, everything between your eyes […]

Shutdowns and Stories – Politicians and Puppets

This post is a bit eclectic.  But it all comes together, trust us. Here are four seemingly unrelated, apparently ‘random’ subjects which we intend to tie up in a neat little package: The United States Government’s shutdown A new app for the iPhone A fantastic experience at a Project Management Workshop Hybrid cars and college […]

Through a Sustainability Lens

Often times we talk about the Green Spectrum, particularly with respect to projects that are green in general, or appear to have no sustainability aspect, when, in actuality, all projects have a sustainability element.  This time, we’ll look at a project that is Green by Definition, but is scrutinized through a sustainability lens.  And, it […]

“The organism is an organism”.

                  “The organism is an organism.”   The title of this blog post is a quote from David Berry.  It comes from a truly fascinating article from Boston Magazine, linked here. The quote is  not from  Dave Barry, the columnist from The Miami Herald, and author of […]

Lighting up solar projects in the USA

Our US Department of the Interior announced yesterday (16-December-2010) that it has drafted a new environmental policy to expedite large-scale solar power projects in six western states. The policy, known as the Draft Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS), designates 24 sites on public lands in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah for […]