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Sustainability as a PM career-builder

Back in 1843, when we founded EarthPM (okay it was a bit more recent than that, but it seems so…long…ago), we based it on 5 Assertions, which we have updated slightly: 1. Doing the right thing helps the project team do things right. 2. Adding sustainability thinking in PM helps better equip you and your […]

Écologie, de gestion de projet, et le cirque au Québec

One of your humble blog editors is visiting Quebec City this weekend.  During the visit, we (very casually) got a firsthand look at some of the ecological projects here. One – pictured in this post on the left, is the Ecolobus, a small electric bus which runs a partial route through Quebec’s Old City.  The […]

Plain as the heron my head

…or the lack thereof… I was lucky enough to take a brief 1-mile walk through the Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida, yesterday. On the right you see one of the many photos I took, this one of a blue heron (I think). However, being a project manager interested in sustainability, my interest was […]

Sometimes, the obvious – isn’t so obvious

Yes.  That’s a real sign.  And yes, it appears to be placed there by none other than Captain Obvious, champion of all that is, well – clear for all to see without further explanation. But sometimes obvious answers stay mysteriously hidden.  Any time you see an innovation and say – either out loud, or to […]

A smart electric network – in more ways than one

The two themes we relate here are:

* Electric Smart Grids for effective power transmission and reduced carbon footprint
* High-powered Grids of Smart PMs to gain a bigger collective and personal footprint