Durban, South Africa: Why COP17

Today, 28-November, is the kickoff of the Durban (South Africa) UN Climate Change Conference  – COP17.

Does COP17 matter?  Is it relevant?

Not one, but two EarthPM connections to this conference made us curious.

First, we were lucky enough to be the keynote speaker at PMSA’s Good in Green conference there back in late Septenber.  Second, the GreenBiz author of a recent post, Heather King, sat down with us last summer to discuss all sorts of green business issues as they pertain to project management.  Heather posted this article which provides 4 compelling reasons why COP17 does matter.

We’d like to draw our readers’ attention to reason number 4:

4. Business leaders are increasingly involved — across sectors and continents.

Industry leaders are increasingly involved in the COP talks. As clean energy deployments in over 80 countries have skyrocketed, clean energy suppliers and adopters need assurance that governments will support this market.

In addition, COP 17 will work to establish a technology center that will serve as a hub for leveraging and deploying climate monitoring, management and adaptation solutions in different countries. This will require significant collaboration with technology and information industry leaders.

Two significant business events in Durban that are concurrent with COP 17 intend to elevate the voice and influence of industry at the talks:

• The World Climate Summit. This organization will host its second event on December 3 — 4th with leaders from Ernst and Young, PWC, Coca Cola, Phillips.

• Business for the Environment (B4E). B4E is gathering leaders from Tata Steel, Bank of America, HP and others on December 6 to discuss a clean industrial revolution.

So…that’s reason number 4.  If you’re interested in Heather’s other three reasons, click here.  We assert that reason number 4 alone is enough to get the Project Managers of the world interested.  We’re talking about “skyrocketing” clean energy deployments.  Translation: projects.  So at a minimum, become conversant in this practice area, improving your ability to be gainfully employed as a productive project manager!

Working together – saving tomorrow today.  That’s the theme of COP17.  If you want to find out more about the conference, here is the link to COP17.