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Lessons Learned to Lessons Burned

It’s now just two years since the Deepwater Horizon incident.  Many people seem to forget it.  After all, we see the smiling faces of the folks from the tourist industry in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana on those TV commercials, so it really wasn’t a problem, after all, right? Not really, as you can read […]

BP Oil Spill – One Year Later

There are lots of things we could talk about one year later, but for this post we’d like to focus on the suit filed today by BP against Transocean, the rig’s owners, and Cameron International, the supplier of the  blow-out preventer, for $40 billion.  From AP (article), guardian.co.uk,  “The Deepwater Horizon BOP was unreasonably dangerous, and has caused […]

And the Hits Keep On Coming…….

When you think is it safe to go back in the water, the sharks show up.  The cost of greenality keeps going up for the principles involved in the Gulf Oil Spill.  The Department of Justice announced today that it would join in the civil suit being filed against such companies as BP, Anadarko, and […]

Coverage of today’s National Oil Spill Commission

We’ve blogged about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which seems to have found its way OUT of the news recently. There is some interesting coverage of the Commission which is investigating what happened to cause the spill and which could be particularly interesting to Project Managers from a risk identification, management, response, and monitoring perspective.  […]

Green Project Management and the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill

A joint post from EarthPM and TenStep: There are many examples of projects undertaken to produce some deliverable with environmental implications. In fact, one may assert that in fact, any project, since it uses resources, has environmental implications.  This varies tremendously, based on scale and the direct impact on the environment.  One project that clearly has […]