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Innovation through Dialogue (and koffie)

We like that theme.  We like it a lot. And that is the theme of the 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam.  From their home page: ‘The 28th edition of the IPMA World Congress will be held from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands under the main theme: “Innovation […]

Serving the environment – and serving yourself

At last week’s PMI North America Congress, we were lucky enough to be at sponsor DeVry (Keller) University’s booth signing our new book and getting to chat with many project managers about Green Project Management.  Between that experience, getting to meet many of the really outstanding contributors – you know who you are – with […]

Drilling turns to grilling

Look on the right. You see that man?  That’s Tony Hayward, CEO of BP. Does he look happy?   No, he’s not happy. Does he look comfortable?  I don’t think so. He’s being grilled by the US Congress. One of the reasons?  He – or his company – or perhaps his whole industry – doesn’t seem […]