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Through a Sustainability Lens

Often times we talk about the Green Spectrum, particularly with respect to projects that are green in general, or appear to have no sustainability aspect, when, in actuality, all projects have a sustainability element.  This time, we’ll look at a project that is Green by Definition, but is scrutinized through a sustainability lens.  And, it […]

I’m Going to Wash That Carbon Right Out of My…..

With all due respect to the musical South Pacific, we were reading the Boston Globe the other day and saw an article on a technology that makes a lot of sense.  Why not get rid of the problem before it becomes a problem.  It would seem easier than trying to get rid of it after. […]

Strange Environmental Bedfellow’s Defeat Prop 23 (Update)

This is a follow up to an earlier post. The California vote “signifies the largest public referendum on clean energy legislation. Tom Steyer, co-chairman of the NO on 23 campaign, stated “In the midst of a major economic downturn, and with a barrage of fear mongering and scare tactics, voters still said they want a […]

Strange Bedfellows

We were hard pressed to think that we would ever write about the alignment of President Obama, Governor Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and the companies of Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Intel, but we are.  These and others, including the California Teachers Association, the American Lung Association, and the CA League of Women Voters,  are banding together […]

Blythe [sic] Spirit – Solar Power Goes Big Time

And this is no British fantasy comedy, but the largest solar project ever to be built on U.S. public land.  A $6 billion solar power project has been approved by the Obama administration.  It is the start of a boom in solar power on federal lands.  This project will be built in the Mojave Desert […]