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Sometimes, you just have to ask!

  You may be surprised.  Sometimes when you want something – all you have to do is ask.  This article from today’s Boston Globe illustrates a key principle of project management. Communications is key. Whether it’s looking for additional resources, gaining access to what we thought may be privileged information, or getting a variance on […]

China: expansion, environment, and engagement

One of the better shows on NPR, (the USA’s National Public Radio) “On Point”, is set to cover an important story, and an important aspect of sustainability.  It’s subject: the expansion of China as a major economic power and the environmental cost of its explosive growth. The story will feature an interview with Craig Simons, […]

Tiger tale: a green-by-definition project

This story is about the Siberian tiger and an effort we read about recently in China Daily that meets our definition of a “green-by-definition” project.  This definition comes from our book, Green Project Management, in the section where we discuss “A Rainbow of Green”, noting that there is a spectrum of projects with respect to […]

A guest post from Meika Jensen: e-waste matters

We provide you with this guest post by Meika Jensen because it covers a sustainability-oriented topic and could yield some personal and business projects for our readers.   eClean-up: A Look at Efforts to Clean Up Electronic Waste Even if you regularly recycle your plastic and your paper, there may be another kind of waste […]

Exporting green to China

An interesting little story in the China Daily a few days ago caught our attention.  It was about Seattle and Chongqing (whose name is written in Mandarin at the top of this posting).  These are sister cities.  You can read about the relationship between Seattle and Chongqing – which began in 1983 – here. But […]