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Real Success. Do your projects have it?

  Click on the image above, or here – to go to a 15-ish minute video that (we humbly assert) says what needs to be said about the intersection of Project Management and Sustainability.  

The not-so slippery slope of climate change

a sampling of one day or two of cold weather was enough – for The Donald – to disprove global warming. Perhaps so – because as most of us know it’s not the proper name for what we’re seeing – it’s climate change. In fact, as Donald Trump’s New York was freezing, countries like Brazil and Australia were sizzling at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Rising Tide of Climate-Based Projects

Worry. We’re not telling you to worry.  We’re telling you that people are worried.  People with money.  People who launch and sponsor projects.  They’re worried to the tune of nearly half-a-trillion US dollars.  Where is this worrying taking place? Deep in the heart of Boston.  Thus, the image of the very worried young Red Sox […]

Fee Fi Foe Foam: Banned in Boston

  “Banned in Boston” used to be a phrase associated with a literary or performance work that was considered inappropriate.  The city fathers, carrying on in the Puritan heritage, often banned plays, books, and the like, if they found said works to be “objectionable”.  As it says in Wikipedia, this often had a reverse effect: […]


It’s the project that keeps on giving. Or, if you are a taxpayer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – or, for that matter anywhere in the USA (since it received Federal funding) – you could say that it’s the project that keeps on taking. We’re talking, of course, about Boston’s “Big Dig” project.  You know […]