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Meet like you “green” it

An editorial and book review…. When we started our foray into the intersection of project management and (at the time) “green”, many folks interpreted our work as making project management more “green” by turning the project office lights off when nobody was around, or using less paper for our Gantt charts.  We agreed that this […]

An ancient inspiration for sustainability thinking

It’s the time of year when the Jewish High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, literally “Head of the Year” and “Day of Attonement”) take place. And this year, it yielded a connection between an Old Testament story, and our job of project managers. Huh? It’s possible, just give it a chance.   C’mon! Let’s […]

Through a Sustainability Lens

Often times we talk about the Green Spectrum, particularly with respect to projects that are green in general, or appear to have no sustainability aspect, when, in actuality, all projects have a sustainability element.  This time, we’ll look at a project that is Green by Definition, but is scrutinized through a sustainability lens.  And, it […]

Natural Capital – An Answer

Some of the push back we’ve received is that unless you can assure economic benefits from instituting sustainable practices, it will be a hard sell.  Project managers, already managing scarce resources, may be put in the untenable position of using those scarce resources for issues that may not appear to be directly related to the […]

Some green gold for the holiday season

Various cultures celebrate this season differently, but in just about all of them, gold is considered valuable. The book Green to Gold was one of our original inspirations when we started Earth PM, and wrote our book.  So we, of course, follow Andrew Winston’s excellent blog.  And he just put up a real nice posting.  […]