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“The organism is an organism”.

                  “The organism is an organism.”   The title of this blog post is a quote from David Berry.  It comes from a truly fascinating article from Boston Magazine, linked here. The quote is  not from  Dave Barry, the columnist from The Miami Herald, and author of […]

What’s a “green job”, and what’s a green PM?

We came across an interesting series of postings, tweets, and links, totally by serendipity, but it led to some good questions and reinforced our belief in the word greenality. Below, in italics, you will see a United States BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) definition of “green jobs”.  Below this post, you will find the detailed […]

Fueling around in a London black cab

I wonder if you can guess how much London cabbies spend each day on diesel fuel? Probably not. Well – since you asked… that number is more than a half-million dollars.  Collectively, the owners of the iconic black cabs of London spend over $600,000 on fuel, mostly diesel – each day.  And with that expense […]