Here you will (increasingly) find featured videos, checksheets, presentations, all sorts of resources for those interested – like us – in project management on this planet.

We start with this outstanding presentation – a TED talk – from Daniel Pink.


Some of our students challenged us to find a more technical video that had this same sort of character.  Here’s one:

Shadow_Puppet__Talk_through_your_photos1We talk a lot, a WHOLE LOT, about how stories are so important to project management sustainability – that is sustainability of project knowledge, during the project and between projects.  This iPhone app popped up while we were conveying this idea at ECOCAR2’s Fall Workshop in September 2013, and we think it’s worth it for you to check it out.  You can easily put together a story, right on your iPhone, based on a small set of photos.  Check out EarthPM’s very first try at this new app, called Shadow Puppet.  Imagine how you can use this to quickly preserve project knowledge!

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