According to PMI – the Project Management Institute, the world will spend 1/5 of its GDP on projects, a hefty $US12 Trillion this year alone.

That’s a lot of energy put into projects. Those projects will use energy, save energy, use resources, and save resources in ways we cannot yet imagine.

This site is devoted to the intersection of Project Management and “Green” – where green has to do with preventing climate change, preserving resources, and getting things done effectively and efficiently, which should already be flowing in the ‘green’ blood of any project manager worth their weight in risk registers.

EarthPM’s Mission and Objectives


Provide the critical link between project management and environmentalism to increase awareness amongst project managers of the power they have to improve the greenality and effectiveness of their projects – whether or not they are directly involved with the environment.


  • Seamlessly blend the discipline of project management with environmental aspects of projects (we assert that every project has environmental aspects)
  • Use varying media to reach our stakeholders: project managers, environmentalists, business leaders, and, in fact, all residents of this planet;
  • Develop greenality processes to enhance the project manager’s blend of project tools;
  • Use greenality to save resources, time, and costs – those of the project, and those of the earth.

EarthPM’s Five Asssertions of Green Project Management


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4 Replies to “Mission”

  1. Hi,

    I agree heartily with your assertions, and with what you say in general about green project management. I wrote a blog post about this and your recent webinar (http://projectgreen-a2z.com/2011/05/08/what-is-green-project-management/), which I found very helpful, as I’ve been wrestling with the question, What is green project management?

    What I’m wondering is how I can apply green project management in my current job. I’m a project manager at Adobe, working on help systems for our software. So I’m not helping create any concrete product (most of our help is no longer even available as a manual). I don’t have much influence in the company either, though I’ve joined the Green Team. And Adobe is already doing a lot in the area of sustainability. Do you have any thoughts on what someone in my position can do to make my projects more sustainable?


  2. Dave and Rich, thank you for your efforts to bring more visibility to Green Project Management. There is a lot of interest and discussion around the concept of “sustainability”, but in my experience, it means different things to different people. I have been looking for a “standard” definition of the term, especially as it relates to projects and project management. Any information you can share with me, or point me in the right direction, would be very helpful and much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    Fred Barrett, PMP

  3. Thanks, Fred.

    We’ve come to like the exceedingly simple definition given by Auden Schendler of “Getting Green Done” (a book from a couple of years back). In it, he defines sustainability as “being in business forever”, or as we say, acting like one will be in business forever.

    That means – acting so that everything you do matters in terms of LONG TERM economic, social, and ecological effects. It’s definitely not all about trees. It’s about your workforce, your continued ability to generate revenue, and yes – the Earth.

    That’s one of the reason we’re even more proud and pleased that we picked the name EarthPM – not GreenPM. It’s about the planet, the people on the planet, and the economic systems on the planet.

    Hope that helps…

    Dave and Rich

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