What they are saying about our book!

“A first-of-its-kind book … offers a flexible and adaptive approach to bridging the gap between going green and project management. … a must-read for senior executives as well as project managers.”

—Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., Senior Executive Director for Project Management, The International Institute for Learning

“ … very soon all project managers will need demonstrable green credentials. This important book defines the green field and sets out the steps for those who want to be ahead of the crowd … .”

—David Hillson, The Risk Doctor

“Green + Quality is what your customers are demanding, and Rich and Dave wrote the ultimate guide for Project Managers to learn how to do this: metrics, definitions, examples, and very important, planning. Awesome!”

—Bas de Baar, ProjectShrink.com

“An indispensable book for project managers … . Maltzman and Shirley guide us through the impacts of green to project management, helping us to understand the basic vocabulary, principles, and potential developments … introduces new perspectives that are likely to become a reference in the field: the SMARTER principle, the green spectrum of projects, and a detailed guide to the green project life cycle.”

—Jean Binder, PMP, MBA, Author and International Speaker

“… an excellent job of making the reader aware of how much influence a single project manager, let alone an entire discipline, can have on improving our environment.”
—Kathy Schwalbe, Author and Professor at Augsburg College

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