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  1. Prakash
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    A. PM who is managing a projects but now moving out from one project 1 to projects2 and project2 is at another town, and started getting busy with project2
    B. During this period one new experienced lead resource joined for project1 and sitting Location 1 and all other resources located in location2 (i.e. Location2 = Customer site)
    C. Above location1 resource was communicated that he would be introduced and explained the responsibility once we meet.
    D. Since PM was getting busy and a location1 resource is not aware that this PM is moving out.
    E. Mean while PM had given him a task, just keep busy for a while, Location1 resource had lots of problems over the period of time, because no one knows that a new resource / lead had joined in the team. PM was in the loops of all the communication, but PM did not took any action to expedite the activities smoothly. No dedicated task was assigned to the lead as he was waiting to get introduced with the team as per commitment provide by PM. Pm did not have any tracking mechanism, plans were initiated. F. Later the PM got finally moved out project1 and location1 resource was still unaware of the scope, and his all reporting resource including location1 resource was assigned to another PM, Location1 resource had tried to conveyed all the things, but the new PM and their seniors did not consider and forcibly sent location1 resource to other location2 where all resources are working at client site.
    G. There too he was not mentored and facilitated / guided by New PM and the Lead, he was just given a junior job to perform upfront. There too no Planning, tracking mechanism, meetings etc.. he was just asked to follow to do. The resource had raised concern with his New PM, unfortunately his request is not getting addressed.
    H. His first PM (who moved out) had communicated later after few months that it did not find him taking initiative and thought he could be a best as a team member rather than Lead. Later his designation was moved down and appraisal was made poor performance. The impacted on resource is too high. Trying to convince but his request is not getting considered or addressed by seniors and he is being forced to continue work as a junior

    Tip: Note all are good experienced folks including the resource who is very good experienced, qualified, and in his past work in this company he had been excellent rated and had also performed lead and manager roles on multiple projects.

    Please suggest reader view on this example.

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