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You may be too foxy!

Although the title of this post might make you think this is some strange cross between Star Wars and the video game series by Sega, instead it’s a different sort of combination, mainly coming from a great NPR podcast called “Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vedantam and a book called Expert Political Judgement by Philip Tetlock. […]

Happy Farther’s Day (misspelling intentional)

There’s a connection between Father’s Day, The Boston Marathon, and long-term thinking in Project Management.  Click below to reveal the link…  

Restart Party?

Should you throw it out?  Or fix it? Does it make a difference? Is this decision related to projects or project management? Some answers here:  

You bet your asp!

Here’s the final entry to our three-part series, which began with The Promise of the Waxworm, and continued with Terror Under the Tundra. Enjoy!  

Terror Under the Tundra

This is a bit of a scary sequel to The Promise of the Waxworm, the prior blog post in a series of 2. In my previous post (The Promise of the Waxworm) I discussed some of the ideas of secondary risk, applied lightly to concepts of sustainability and focused more on the definition of secondary […]