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Hypoxia Revisited

We blogged about hypoxia (this seems surreal) more than three years ago, at which time we referred to our book, Green Project Management, as “our upcoming book”.  A lot happens in three years.  The book is out, has been recognized with PMI’s highest award for literature, and has been used in University courses on sustainability. […]

A look back at 2012 and forward to 2013

We’d like to start you off with a very brief review of 2012 by Bill McKibben in an interview on NPR: Click here to go to the NPR page with the interview… Or, click here to download and listen to the interview itself. Then come back here when you’re done. Welcome back. Interesting, huh?  In […]

Know Thy Stakeholders

When the new PMBOK(R) Guide comes out soon – the 5th Edition, that is – it will include a brand-new Knowledge Area. For fans of Project Management (and who isn’t one?) there are currently 9 Knowledge Areas, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, no…wait.  Wrong list.  Let me check.  How about this one: Dancer, Blitzen, Rudolf… nope.  Still […]