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We have always asserted that vocabulary is particularly important for project managers.  Why?  Glad you asked. It’s because we end up overseeing – coordinating – animating – conducting work in which we are not necessarily the leading expert.  What that means is that we must know the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to seek out to […]

Hannover and over and over again

We’re in the midst of reading the newest book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of Cradle to Cradle.  The book is called Upcycle.  In it, the authors reiterate the Hannover Principles, created by the authors. Here they are, in short form: Insist on the right of humanity and nature to co-exist in a […]

What’s the road to Hell paved with, again?

  …it’s not asphalt …it’s not tar …it’s …it’s “good intentions”. Interesting that our partner site – People, Planet, Profits, and Projects – is carrying a post about how greenwashing, or at least efforts which are only mildly aimed at true sustainability, sometimes hit the mark, despite their (lack of good) intentions. This got us […]

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes sustainability in a baby carriage…

Just a note to let you know that you can find our article, published today in the PMWORLD Journal.  It’s entitled, “PM and IT: a sustainable marriage, made in a cloud”. With a title like that, it could be about anything.  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read it!  <– click here […]

Can we make a difference? The stats and experts say, “….yes, and we need to”.

The latest issue (web and paper) of PM Network magazine has some interesting data and interviews which were not aimed at the intersection between sustainability and PM, but which, nevertheless, made strong points – very, very strong points – for our argument that this intersection of sustainability and PM is key. We’ll use three snippets […]