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Hypoxia Revisited

We blogged about hypoxia (this seems surreal) more than three years ago, at which time we referred to our book, Green Project Management, as “our upcoming book”.  A lot happens in three years.  The book is out, has been recognized with PMI’s highest award for literature, and has been used in University courses on sustainability. […]

Communicating Greenality

How do you get the word out (to customers, for example) and in (to employees, for example) with respect to your organization’s sustainability goals, efforts, and of course, successes? How do you communicate what we call greenality – that combination of green and quality that represents commitment to the long term success of your projects […]

Big Green Project, Big Green Brain

  Recently we shared with you a powerful video from @simransethi called “the Psychology of Sustainability“.  In it, Simran mentions “the green brain” – the part of the brain that is not concerned with running away from a sabre-toothed tiger, but is actually more interested in figuring out how to deal with that danger in […]

Mind the gap, indeed

  We like plays on words…  as you may have figured from reading our posts. This one involves using the double meaning of “Mind The Gap” – the omnipresent message in The Tube (London’s Underground) and referring to the space between the train and the floor.  It also involves a double meaning with respect to […]