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The Rising Tide of Climate-Based Projects

Worry. We’re not telling you to worry.  We’re telling you that people are worried.  People with money.  People who launch and sponsor projects.  They’re worried to the tune of nearly half-a-trillion US dollars.  Where is this worrying taking place? Deep in the heart of Boston.  Thus, the image of the very worried young Red Sox […]

Big Green Project, Big Green Brain

  Recently we shared with you a powerful video from @simransethi called “the Psychology of Sustainability“.  In it, Simran mentions “the green brain” – the part of the brain that is not concerned with running away from a sabre-toothed tiger, but is actually more interested in figuring out how to deal with that danger in […]

Your PM Career – Inside Out

In this month’s PM Network magazine, we were struck by the motivations to learn more about sustainability and project management from two angles: Looking out at what’s going on in terms of types of projects Looking at your career path within the company We were inspired to call this post “Inside Out” because that’s how […]

A ‘golden era’ of home-building?

Continuing our theme of pessimistic optimism (or is it the other way around?) we look at a syndicated column from Mary Umberger of Tribune Newspapers, titled, “Utility bills?  That’s so passe“. In the article, we discover the work of David Goswick, head of a company (HOUZE) that guarantees the buyers of its new homes that […]

Get a (Green) (PM) Job

  The Project Management Institute has issued its Global Jobs Report (January, 2013), highlighting “5 Sectors to Watch”. The good news overall – demand for PM skills hit a four-year high in 2012 (despite the general economic decline over those years). The five sectors analyzed in this Report: Tech Healthcare Infrastructure Energy Finance …and although […]