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Big Green Project, Big Green Brain

  Recently we shared with you a powerful video from @simransethi called “the Psychology of Sustainability“.  In it, Simran mentions “the green brain” – the part of the brain that is not concerned with running away from a sabre-toothed tiger, but is actually more interested in figuring out how to deal with that danger in […]

Greenwishing? Greenwashing? Or Green?

  Isn’t it interesting how air travel works? You fly thousands, sometimes many thousands of miles (or kilometers), land, taxi to the gate and wait, either for a gate or a jetway.  The last few steps of your journey are tantalizingly close but somehow that last piece never gets done. Last week, it was a […]

Is every day earth day?

We were just wondering – if today is Earth day, what are the other 364 days? We don’t make a huge deal of the day for that reason – even though we put the planet’s name in our company identity. Today, we actually just want to bring up the 3-year-old Macondo Well, a.k.a. Gulf oil […]

Bull’s Eye

We’ve always stressed the connection between project management and sustainability.  It’s our intersection…our “Bull’s Eye”. And what recently caught our eye was the next in a series of great reports from MIT Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Their latest effort is called The Innovation Bottom Line, and we’d like to present one small […]