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Beverage leverage – An Interview With Kim Marotta of MillerCoors

[NOTE TO OUR READERS: This post will be retained indefinitely in its enirety in the ‘Interviews’ page] Profile of Kim Marotta:  As Director of Sustainability at MillerCoors, Kim is responsible for driving, implementing and managing MillerCoors sustainability strategy and responsibility initiatives. Kim works closely with the company’s parent organizations, SABMiller plc and Molson Coors Brewing […]

Net Positive

What do you think of this goal: …’to create a net positive impact on the environment by “putting more back in than we take out.”’… Well, this is the Net Positive program of Kingfisher, plc. If you haven’t heard of Kingfisher, it’s the third-largest DIY store chain after Home Depot and Lowe’s.  Kingfisher, based in […]

Two new videos featuring PM leaders we admire

In our teaching and consulting we run across some folks who are outstanding in what they do – and we admire that. We’re lucky enough to have met these gentlemen and we can tell you that they know of what they speak! Without much introduction, we’d like to point your attention to two videos today, […]

Boston: well-known home of the …. Redwood Tree?

  By now the events at the end of the Boston Marathon and the movie-like days following them are known by most of our audience.  As a New England based business we experienced this strange and horrifying week and now want to – and will – get back to everyday life. Speaking of “to life’, […]

Sony. No baloney. And no cadmium, either.

  The cover of our book shows a tree. The tree is yielding paper money rather than leaves. It’s an image that is supposed to bring to mind the idea that caring for the planet and “doing good” will pay off. We found a recent article on that summarizes this story for Sony of […]