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What is success, updated,

At EarthPM, we do some serious thinking about projects, project management, project managers, and their stakeholders.  One of the recurring questions which interests us is this one: What is project success? It’s much more complicated than it sounds, but it can be as simple as the smile you see above. We will be presenting in […]

Schools – taken to school – about sustainability and sustainability projects

Our Commonwealth’s flagship public university – The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, was just selected as one of 22 schools in the US (out of nearly 400) to get a perfect score on The Princeton Review’s Green Colleges rankings, earning it an Honor Roll position. It’s nice because it’s the Alma Mater of one of EarthPM’s […]

The Rising Tide of Climate-Based Projects

Worry. We’re not telling you to worry.  We’re telling you that people are worried.  People with money.  People who launch and sponsor projects.  They’re worried to the tune of nearly half-a-trillion US dollars.  Where is this worrying taking place? Deep in the heart of Boston.  Thus, the image of the very worried young Red Sox […]


We have always asserted that vocabulary is particularly important for project managers.  Why?  Glad you asked. It’s because we end up overseeing – coordinating – animating – conducting work in which we are not necessarily the leading expert.  What that means is that we must know the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to seek out to […]

Hypoxia Revisited

We blogged about hypoxia (this seems surreal) more than three years ago, at which time we referred to our book, Green Project Management, as “our upcoming book”.  A lot happens in three years.  The book is out, has been recognized with PMI’s highest award for literature, and has been used in University courses on sustainability. […]