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Selling Seychelles by the Seashore

Learn how Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) can launch important projects and perhaps save island nations from rising sea levels and increasingly intense storms.  

How To Read Like A Project Leader

Just a short note today…I suppose you could call it an ‘opinion piece’. I just read this terrific article from Harvard Business Review regarding the neuroscience of trust – the sort of ‘chemical‘ aspects of what we as project managers know as the Tuckman Model (Form, Storm, Norm, Perform, Adjourn). I think if we read […]


Visit (see link below) to read my most revolting post ever!    

It’s clear.

Transparency: a good thing for projects, for project managers, and for their organizations – and of course, for the people and the planet. Read more here:  

Chunk it up!

Read about how a little “chunking” may save your project. And maybe the planet. Okay…okay, well at least your chess game.