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Capturing a Flood

Flood…drought…fires…flood…drought…fires…flood… Can projects save the day in California? Find out on our blog within – People, Planet, Profits, and Projects.

Innovation, Government, Sustainability, and Project Management

We recently had a unique opportunity to see the United States’ former CTO (Chief Technical Officer), Aneesh Chopra, discuss his book, “Innovative State” (see image – click on it to go to Chopra’s dedicated site). We also got to briefly discuss our book, Green Project Management with him. Turns out, Mr. Chopra’s dad is a […]

So close – and yet so far

Since we wrote Green Project Management in 2010 (and since 2011, when it was recognized with PMI’s Cleland Award for Literature), we have seen our colleagues increasingly buy in to the importance of sustainability in business and the importance of sustainability in projects.  From time to time we even  run into like-minded individuals and groups […]

Hacking Algae

  This week, a strange combination of two different stories with a common thread caught our attention. The first, we already blogged about on our “People, Planets, Profits, and Projects blog –  “All our patents are belong to you“. In that post, we discuss how Tesla was giving away its patents for electric vehicle innovation.  […]