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Hacking Algae

  This week, a strange combination of two different stories with a common thread caught our attention. The first, we already blogged about on our “People, Planets, Profits, and Projects blog –  “All our patents are belong to you“. In that post, we discuss how Tesla was giving away its patents for electric vehicle innovation.  […]

It’s about time… <<** UPDATE 2 **>>

    <**UPDATED**> To  show the feedback from our presentation (see below). A long, long time ago, there was a television show that was about, well, it was about “a long long time ago”.  The show, “It’s About Time”, didn’t last long.  You can judge for yourself why by watching a full episode here. But […]

EarthPM Salutes ECOCAR2…and ECOCAR3!

We don’t want to bore you with a long post, but we do want to share with you something to which we contribute and are proud to be associated with. It’s called EcoCAR2, and we’ve been happily collaborating with the planners of this 3-year event which has just culminated with a “Year 3 Competition” in […]

Project Risk Management and Availability “By-us”

One of the reasons we feel that project risk management is such an important subject is that we as humans think we’re really good at managing risk based on gut feel, but we happen to be notoriously bad at it.  Amongst the reasons for our poor performance are the various types of bias (today’s word […]

Dogs, Beer, and Greenality

In our book, Green Project Management, there are no pictures of dogs, no pictures of beer, and no pictures of cookies. How unfortunate. Today, the Boston Globe had a short but very interesting story about how brewers are making use not only of spent grain they’ve used to make beer, but also other ways in […]