Your Resolutions…. are you ready for the PMP Exam?

Is 2017 your “PMP year”?


A lot of people make New Years’ Resolutions – and for many of us PM folk, that includes getting through that PMP® Exam.  This may be especially, ESPECIALLY true in 2017, since a new exam is coming based on a new PMBOK® Guide due out in the third quarter of this year.  We’ve done our fair share of prep training ourselves.  We also recognize good value, so we share it when we see it.

Here is a selection of exceedingly inexpensive options to get yourself ready – just click on the links to go to the course site and sign up:

Need help with “just the math and formulas”?  How does US$9 per month sound?

Need more?  How about a full-fledged 35-hour course?  This includes over 750 practice questions!

Or just a plain old overview of the exam process?  That’s free.

Or, you can sign up for a full bundle (all of the above) for US$20 per month access.