8 Sustainability Trends for 2017




Here – courtesy of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership are your 8 Sustainability Trends Driving Business in 2017.  The title is interesting to us in that in is very similar to our latest book: “Driving Project, Program, and Portfolio Success – The Sustainability Wheel“.

Seems like we’re all … driving.

In any case we recommend this brief report and highlight its 8 trends for 2017 right here for your convenience.  Further to this post, we may blog about these individually during the year.

  1. The impact of climate change goes global
  2. Rising social inequality and disengagement
  3. Increasing pressure on natural resources leads to price hikes
  4. The rise of the city-level state
  5. Tech-driven innovation disrupts societies and industries
  6. Governments look to the private sector to help deliver on Paris Climate Agreement
  7. Business increasingly perceives sustainability as an opportunity
  8. Collaboration is key

Read about it here. And have a great 2017.