Expresso yourself


EarthPM is proud to have been an invited speaker to the IPMA2014 World Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  The event took place on 29, 30 September and on 1-October.  So in other words, yesterday was our event.

Thanks to Menno Valkenburg and many others who helped plan the Congress, there was a Sustainability “stream”, and also thanks to Menno, we were able to arrange our presentation to be done without travel from the US to Europe and back , which (as you’ll see from the description below) was no easy task.  However this arrangement reduced our own carbon footprint and preserved commitments that the travel time would have blasted away.  So, there was a bit less gezelligheid (look it up!) but it was a net win-win.  Thank you, Skype!

We chose to engage the audience in the World Cafe format.  And, we decided to do it in a way that honored coffee – since I know from personal experience that there is a pretty strong Dutch coffee (koffie) culture.  Further, we really didn’t have time to do the proper World Cafe treatment, so we did an “Espresso” version.  Two 15 minute rounds at four tables.

Each facilitated table was named after a coffee producing country (we somewhat randomly chose Vietnam, Panama, Brazil, and Kenya) and was tasked with brainstorming ways in which Project Management and Sustainability intersect.

Below we share with you our (Copyrighted, use with permission only) format for the discussion, which yielded brainstormed ideas we’re still processing, but which help fuel even further the depth of the sometimes unexpected connection between these two disciplines.  Sit down, have an espresso, and if you think of any ideas while the caffeine does its thing… let us know, won’t you?  Bedankt!

The “Expresso” format used at IPMA-2014 in Rotterdam/Boston