What’s big and red, and dispenses water?



…if you said “firetruck” you’re right!  Sorta.

But that’s not what we’re blogging about here.  And in fact, the big, red thing we’re talking about, well, it dispenses water, internet service, and maybe even healthcare advice.  Say what?

EKOCENTER is a collaboration of Coca-Cola (note the first four letters spell COKE backwards), Qualcomm, GE, and others.  It is a kiosk – one of which has already been deployed in South Africa – which is meant to help support the local population in a customized way.  From Coca-Cola’s own site:

Each EKOCENTER will offer a locally tailored mix of products, services and resources, including safe drinking water, electricity, wireless communication, refrigerated vaccination storage, health education, and other functionality to jump-start entrepreneurship opportunities and community development. Qualcomm Technologies will provide guidance to Coca-Cola on the inclusion of wireless communications technologies, such as mobile devices and wireless Internet connectivity, for EKOCENTER.”

But here’s the neat thing.  We didn’t get this information from Coca-Cola, its partners, or GreenBiz or any of the other sustainability-related business outlets.  We didn’t get the information from Greenpeace or, in fact, anything green at all.  We normally get our green-by-definition project news from sources focused on sustainability.

But not this time.

The information came to us via PM Network.  That’s right, this was covered in the February 2014 issue of PM Network magazine, in the section called The Edge.

And that’s good news on top of the good news of this collaboration.

We suggest that you read this short article and follow the links there for more information. Here’s a photo of an EKOCENTER to get you “fired up”.

Have a Coke and a good read!